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Well, it has taken us some time... but our new blog is now finally up and running! We'll be publishing new content to "The Tree," from some of our most frequently asked product questions through to News, videos, and great banter!

We thought it best to kick off with something simple that will hopefully also answer 2 big questions that we get over the email and on the phone all the time about our floor mats. Yes, I hear what you're thinking, mats for your car might not be the most exciting thing ever, but if you hold on to the end of this article hopefully we can save you a good chunk of change and have your vehicle looking like it just came out of the showroom at the same time!



We often have a double take when we get this question, but more often than not what people are trying to say is: how do you have car mats for so many vehicles and how do I know they are going to fit?

Simply put, we make all of our car mats to order, so your product is for your car. It hasn't been sitting on a shelf collecting dust for the last two years. This means we can make brand new mats for a 1973 Range Rover all the way through to a 2014 Continental GT. We've spent many months (years in fact) building up our database of mat templates and fastening systems to a point where we now have over 1,600 individual mat templates on record. We guarantee the fit and quality of all our mats - yes, as in any business issues occur from time to time, but you can be reassured that if you are that 1 in 1000 where something isn't as you expected, we replace it free of hassle and free of charge. Your mats will also come complete with the safety fastenings to clip, screw or stick into your vehicle just like the originals.



We offer a variety of mat grades and options, based on what your vehicle is and what you want:

Classic Tailored Mats are constructed of a polypropylene carpet with a standard edge binding. This is a mid grade carpet that is similar to what you will find in many new Japanese vehicles say $18,000 and under. They come standard with a hardwearing heelpad for longevity. Classic mats are a great solution for someone wanting a simple set of replacement mats but don't want cheap Universals that slip and slide around your feet.

Luxury Tailored Mats are made from a higher-pile nylon carpet with a slick leatherette binding. Nylon is harder wearing (it will outlast our Classic mat material significantly) yet feels softer to touch and has a much more luxurious look in your vehicle. These are our most popular carpet mats which are the equivalent material to what you will find on most new car yards, right through to your top of the range BMWs, Audis and Volkswagens. Quite simply, these mats are the bees knees!

All Weather Tailored Mats are constructed of a lightweight yet hardwearing material called TPR (Thermo Plastic Rubber). TPR is lighter than rubber, doesn't smell like traditional rubber, and can be hosed, wiped or waterblasted after a day at the beach. These are a great substitute to cheap universal rubber mats you will find in many stores - we get customers buying these for everything from work Utes to family SUVs.


Well, there you have it. You made it to the end of our maiden blog post. Bravo. It wasn't too hard, was it? Flick us a comment below or through our contact page if you have any questions - we love hearing from you!

- CA

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