Honda’s 3D Printed Car


Honda and Kabuku, a digital fabrication company, have partnered to create what must be the most creative 3D printed car produced so far.

 Honda 3D printed car

Honda 3D printed car

Revealed at CEATEC 2016, the electric Micro Commuter was designed for a confectionery company Toshimaya to deliver their famous dove-shaped cookies (shortbread cookies, in case you were wondering).  There is space for only one person, the driver, to allow for extra space for the delicious goodies. Special features include slots for trays to be slid in and out, and tie-downs to stablise cargo.

Extra care was put into aesthetics with incorporation of the cookie company’s logo and iconic dove shape.

Honda 3D printed car

Honda 3D printed car

The vehicle is fully functional. It is 2.49m long, 1.28m wide, 1.54m high and weighs 600kg. Top speed of 70km and a range of 80km max but has removable battery packs for quick charging.

What does this mean for the future of vehicles? Pizza-shaped delivery cars for local pizza stores, fish-shaped delivery cars for local fish & chip shops? Or maybe a stylish hipster 3D printed coffee delivery car for the city fringes? Will our vehicles soon be more artistic and functional or will it just get bizarre?

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