The World’s First Flat-Pack Vehicle

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Gordon Murray, Formula One race car designer, joined forces with philanthropist Sir Torquil Norman (from the Global Vehicle Trust) to create the world’s first flat-pack truck, called the OX.  The kit comes with about 60 pieces and a tool kit and takes about 3 people and 12 hours to put together.

Intended to overcome transport issues in developing countries, particularly countries in Africa, the vehicle had to be simple, cheap, robust and easily repairable. Sir Torquil Norman says he came up with the idea because “only 20 per cent of the global population has access to any kind of motor vehicle. This struck to me as something of a crime”.  

 The design is ingenious. It is able to handle rough terrain, can carry more than its weight, drive through up to 750mm of water. Parts have double use such as the tailgate can be used as a loading ramp, canopy can be used as emergency shelter, seats can be used to help the OX out of mud and various other duel functions.

OX flat-pack carOX flat-pack vehicle

Over $3 million was spent testing and refining the prototype and an estimated $4 million will be spent to manufacture the OX on a larger scale.

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