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Save money on your Ute accessories by coming direct to RubberTree with a selection of interior and exterior accessories specifically designed to fit your Foton Tunland Ute for models 2012 and later. RubberTree offers you a mixture of protection and an enhanced custom look for the ultimate finish on your Ute.
$169.00 NZD
RubberTree Tailored Canvas car seat covers really are the ultimate in interior vehicle seat protection for your Foton Tunland. We give you the choice of: 8oz Standard Canvas: Water resistant material with a Dupont Teflon coating and thick foam backing for extra comfort. Double reinforced stitching. Complete 2 year warranty. 12oz Heavy Duty Canvas: Heavy...
$99.00 NZD
Want original manufacturers mats (including that new car smell) but don't want to pay the $$$ for a brand name? Then Classic Tailored fit mats are what you're looking for. Classic Tailored fit mats are made of the same materials, come in the same colours and fit the same as...
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$209.00 NZD
Slimline plastic door visors allow you to have the windows ajar when raining or wet letting fresh air circulate through your ute, not to mention adding a sleek appearance to your vehicle. These are a convenience accessory that can be easily self installed without the need for unwanted or excessive...
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$119.00 NZD
RubberTree Hardwearing Fabric Seat Covers are the ultimate crossover in functionality and looks for your Foton Tunland. The combination of colours will complement your vehicle's interior while providing long lasting protection. They use a durable Jacquard fabric in combination with a thick foam lining for added comfort. Machine washable, available in Black...
$109.00 NZD
Headlight Covers provide great functional and cosmetic benefits for your Foton Tunland. Protect your Ute while getting that blacked out look with tinted covers, or go for a more subtle look with a clear cover. All headlight covers are made specifically for your Ute and can be easily fitted yourself with...
$130.00 NZD
For the Driver that takes pride in their vehicle, you like to have all the bells and whistles to complement your car to keep it looking as new as the day you bought it. You need luxury tailored fit car mats, they are the best quality, the best looking and...
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$249.00 NZD
Ever had just about everything in the tray of your ute slip and slide around all over the show? Don't worry anymore! Get a heavy duty and non slip Rubber Bed Mat for the Tray of your Foton Tunland. Stop everything from slipping and sliding around while protecting your ute...
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$549.00 NZD
The Foton Tunland Stainless Steel Sports Bar is an essential accessory for the motorist who is a true fan of their Ute. A polished finish gives a sleek, "beefy" look to your Ute and can really make the overall look of your vehicle. A perfect accompaniment to an equivalent stainless...
$119.00 NZD
Let's face it, New Zealand continually experiences 4 seasons in one day! Why not get a set of hardwearing mats that will stand up to whatever you or Mother Nature throws at them. RubberTree offers you two premium rubber mat options tailored specifically for your vehicle: Heavy Duty Rubber Mats...
$549.00 NZD
The No-Drill Vinyl Tonneau cover will have your Foton Tunland looking the part, without the need for potential damage to your vehicle by having to drill holes for unsightly bungy hooks. You can install the vinyl tonneau cover in approximately 40 minutes, and afterward you'll be able to open and...
$89.00 NZD
The GapShield Tailgate cover is a simple yet innovative product which bridges the gap between your ute tray and tailgate - ideal for carrying loose materials in your ute tray which constantly fall down that annoying gap.Stones, dirt, bark, soil, and anything you can think of can get trapped in...
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